Handmade wax play candles:
We started making candles for our own wax play because we couldn't find
what we wanted elsewhere. That was several years ago and we now sell them
worldwide for others to enjoy. We offer a range of great colours, and
are constantly adding more. Our candles are not a cosmetic product however
all efforts have been made to bring our customers a safer alternative to
regular household candles. Note the word "safer" please remember that hot wax can burn and there is no guaranteed safe way of playing with hot substances.

Our candles are hand crafted, made with natural environmentally friendly wax and oils:
They are made from natural product; soybeans and botanical oils the only
additive is the dye to colour. We believe this is equally as important
as the burn temperature because alot of candles contain harmful chemicals
which can cause worse reactions than the temperature of the wax
itself. Soy wax does have a tendancy to set with some frosting, this is
unavoidable unless chemicals are added which we don't want to do,
frosting doesn't effect the melted wax so not really an issue for the
purpose of these candles

Low burn temperature 130f/54c:
shop bought non labelled candles can vary and be up to 180f/82c. Our wax is hotter than massage candles which are usually around 110f. The melting point is complicated and there are ways of varying this with other factors, it is important to educate yourself about wax to understand this.

The candles are aprox 100mm x 30mm. Please bear in mind that these are
hand made not machine made. The size and shape was designed to make
dripping wax easy and effective. How you hold a candle can affect the temperature and it is worth attending a workshop and learning about how to use wax as safe as possible.

As with most products please test before first time use, hot wax can be dangerous and cause burns, you should always be prepared with a suitable first aid kit. All skin types are different. Some people have lower tolerances to others and some people do have an allergy to soya beans so there is no way to 100% guarantee that they will suit everyone.



wax is more versitile than people think and can create many different
scenes, once you and your partner are comfortable with wax start to
experiment :)

when first using wax we usually recommend starting to drip from a
distance of aprox 30cm but once you are comfortable you can move around a
little more - the smaller the distance from the skin the hotter the wax
will be

dripping on some areas creates a different sensation to others for
example we find the back very relaxing but the front quite intense, so
get to know your partners body and how the wax feels on them

if you want to increase the sensation allow the wax to pool on the top
of the candle this significantly increases the temperature and creates a
hotter result, or try flicking the candle and splashing the wax onto
your partner

highten the senses, try adding restraints, rope or a blinfold to make
the scene more intense, experiment with cold items such as ice on the
skin before or after the wax, a cold spoon or knife thats been kept in
the fridgefreezer can have surprising effects

removing the wax can be as much fun as putting it on. Take your time and have fun, and feel free to

email us if you have any questions :) 

Please read the important information section before purchasing our products

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